The Days of Our Lives: Kate Dear, Suncheeter

Kate Dear Suncheeter SuncheeterSuncheeterSuncheeter Suncheeter-1 In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.  

This week I’d like to introduce you to Kate Dear the designer and creator behind Suncheeter. With her range of beachwear in UVP50+ fabric, Kate is proving that you don’t have to look like a dag when you want to be sunsmart! Known for their great prints and cut that flatters a woman’s body shape, Suncheeter is putting the style into sun and surf.

This is a day in Kate’s life…


Kate Dear, Suncheeter

6.00 am

Each day starts with a peppermint tea and a quick yoga session with the sun streaming into the room….well..maybe in my dreams!

I juggle my business with part time work and a family of two gorgeous girls, a solid and loveable staffie dog, Bobbi, and of course, my old man. If it’s a work day, I’m out the door and my “CEO”, hubby, whose title means “Chief Everything Officer” takes over running the business and the family. These are the relatively easy, flowing days.

On a Suncheeter day, I can be presented with almost anything, yesterday it looked like this:


6.45 am

A late start that threw everyone. Bobbi had a quick walk around the block and across the local dog free park. She loved it and I enjoyed getting some fresh air and a chat with neighbours.


8.05 am

We were all ready, the girls off to school after a breakfast of avocado on multi grain toast, very yummy. Topped off by my first double shot skinny latte – thank god we’ve got a coffee machine at home.


9 am

I meet with my bestie Sam at Coffee Head in Camberwell where we plan our next party plan night. These are great fun. We have invited a whole gang of women over from the local school for an evening of styling at Sam’s place, while sipping champagne and early summer skin exposure – scary!! We discuss all the things that need to be in place. Then Sam briefs CEO on the design of the invitation. As a brand expert with graphic design training, he is such an asset.



I am in Collingwood in Melbourne visiting various wholesale suppliers searching for accessories to compliment the Summer beach ranges for the party plan night. This takes me to lunchtime and as I’m feeling peckish I stop by one of the great cafes on Gertrude St and have a fresh blood orange juice with lime leaves and a delectable serve of crumbed sardines with wild rocket, drizzled with virgin olive oil and lemon. Heaven.


 12.30 pm

After a much needed second double shot skinny latte, I drop in to see George who makes my Suncheeter’s for me. He’s based in Brunswick and has a really old school approach to production where quality is everything. We look at the zip colours we might use for the next production run. We have a multi coloured butterfly print on a black base, so there is much deliberation over choice of a turquoise, hot pink, orange or black zip! Lots of laughs. I drop into the accessory supplier and order the zips in the chosen colour – orange.


2.00 pm 

Back to the office and a quick chat with CEO while having a look at the orders that have arrived through the online shop that day. CEO shoots over to the storage area and carefully fulfils the orders. Once they’re packed in our wonderful postal tubes designed by UK illustrator Tonwen Jones, he’s off to the Post Office to see his ladies, who I reckon are good mates now.

Meanwhile I have been crafting a blog update for the website, while also cooking some delicious ‘made from scratch’ tomato sauce using our home grown tomatoes and fresh basil, with extra flavour from added anchovies. For the rest of the afternoon until school pick up, I order some extra ‘venetian red’ and ‘whiter than white’ fabric from Queensland, chat to my contact locally who can provide me with delicious prints for the range, research an opportunity to participate in a Pop Up concept our local council has been developing and think about a new style that could be great addition to the range. By this stage my desk and half the floor is littered with cutting, photo’s, zip colour cards and scribbled notes. It’s no good, I can’t work like this! By 2.55pm I’ve done the whirlwind clean up and got things back into order.


3.00 pm

I walk to school to collect my girls with Bobbi and drop by the park on the way home. Snacks out of the way and it’s homework time, plus violin practise of course. My little one is up to practise number 208, with the goal of 1000 practises with no break, with the ultimate prize being a trip to Paris. Not a bad selection for a 7 year old. We even have to bring the violin on holiday, it’s hilarious (unless we’ve brought too much luggage and then it’s not).


6.30 pm 

Dinner is a simple affair; fresh fish, salad and a small serve of wholemeal pasta with my delicious tomato sauce, complimented by a glass of TreeHouse pinot.


8:30 pm

Later in the evening I chat to Annie who is selling Suncheeter’s to boutiques across Australia on a wholesale basis. It’s early days but is exciting to see this side developing.

A quick call to my Mum and Dad who live on the beach in SW WA, a cup of Irish Breakfast tea and a nibble of my indulgence – chilli chocolate – the darker the better and I’m done for heading for my snugly bed and quick bit of pinterest, which I must confess I am addicted to, but find very relaxing and creative.

You can keep in touch with Suncheeter on Facebook and Pinterest.

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