Her Name Was Lolla

I used to be a gun shopper. But lately I’ve lost my focus. I walk into a shop, gaze around listlessly and then walk back out empty-handed.

Things changed last week though, when I came across Lolla, the prettiest showstopper bag I’ve seen since 2009. Our eyes locked across the room and I felt my speed shopping mojo return. She had to be mine!

Designed by Melbourne gal, Debbie Cohen, and made in Argentenia under the label, Lolla Palooza, this bag is made from leather that’s been dip-dyed in a process that takes twenty hours.

Lolla and I had our first outing on the weekend and I’m happy to report she’ll be more than a one date wonder. In fact, given my current shopping form you’ll probably see us hitting the town together for the next five years…which makes for a fairly handsome cost per wear investment!


AU $349 // Available from Filly’s Stable // Lolla Palooza bags are available online from In Style.
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