Interview: Jessica and Karla from Nosotras Dos

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Nosotras Dos is a cracking good jewelry label coming out of NYC that needs to be on your radar. Created by two sisters,  Jessica and Karla, this range is defined by its minimalist, modern and highly textural pieces. Their statement cuffs in particular are a creative force to be reckoned with. Part feminine armour, part covetable accessory they create a serious impact.

Recently I caught up with Jessica and Karla to find out more about Nosotras Dos…


The idea for Nosotras Dos came from…

A photograph we found of our mother during the 70s in Honduras. The photograph captures her dancing, holding two peace signs. Her twig-like wrists are adorned with heavy metal cuffs.

Re-creating those pieces was like inheriting the passion, innocence and invincibility of that special moment in our mother’s brave life.


We’re currently inspired by…

Jessica: It’s Summertime in New York and that’s when the energy really begins to shift. Everyone is out – tanning on rooftops, relaxing in the park, riding their bikes, drinking at noon. You can feel the vibration in the streets. A New York minute becomes a New York second and you just want to race her — do, see, taste literally everything. Luckily in this city, you can. So those experiences are quite inspiring. AND Dominic Jones, my favorite jewelry designer.

Karla: Life is quite inspiring at the moment. It’s a bit of a roller coaster -the ups and downs, failures and successes and the endless possibilities of what life will end of being.


Three words that sum up our label are…Authenticity. Bravery. Womanhood.


True style is…best summed up by Gore Vidal when he said, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”




Our ultimate project is…to build NII into a company we can be proud of which is one that uplifts women. We’re also very close to our family and aware that our work is for the future. It would be wonderful to build something that we can leave to future generations.


I’m passionate about…

Karla: My family and my love. Also empowering myself and the people around me.

Jessica: Change. I feel I’m at a real page turning moment in my life. Things are finally on the horizon.


I’m currently saying yes to…

Karla : Poetry and finding new ways of expression.

Jessica: To myself — to all the things I said I’d do or selfishly always wanted to do. I’m starting my own jewelry line, I’m buying the shoes, I’m having the dessert, literally and figuratively.




I wish more people knew…

Karla : How funny I really am!

Jessica: People assume I’m a ‘good-time gal’ and I am. But few people really know I’m quite traditional – maybe even, dare I say, a little old fashioned.


My guilty pleasure is…

Karla: Staying home all day with my fiance doing absolutely nothing.

Jessica: Staying out all night!


My golden rule is…

Karla : Always treat people with respect and compassion.

Jessica: Authenticity is longevity – just be you, be kind and work really hard.

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