8 Things Gok Told Me About Style


Yesterday I met Target’s number one guy, Gok! I’ve always been a fangirl, but in real life he was seriously impressive. He knew his stuff inside out and back-to-front. This wasn’t a case of phoning in his new ambassadorship with Australia’s beloved Tarjay. Gok was passionate about the brand, its new direction and dressing women in a way that makes them look – and more importantly feel – great. And to top it all off, he had a ton of  energy and sincerity. Oh my Gok alright!

Anyway, here’s eight things I learnt from Gok one sunny afternoon:

  1. This season, there is a return to classic styling. Aside from perennial spring favourites like a crisp, white shirt and indigo jeans, you should look for a some 7/8 tailored, slim-leg trousers (they have a cut that’s in between capris and cigarette pants) and a jacket with disconnected tailoring – think nipped in waist, oversized lapels, cut-out collar.
  2. Apparently it’s the death of the heel. Your tootsies will be thankful that in  spring it’s all about the flat!
  3. Over the next 12-18 months big changes are happening at Target. They’re focusing on separates, getting the basics rights and will cleverly interpret trends in a way that matches Zara, Topshop and H&M.
  4. Target will also be focusing on developing their maternity range and Moda, their plus size collection. Hallelujah!
  5. When Gok first went instore and checked out what gear they have for the guys, he said he saw a lot of ‘shorts to wear to a BBQ and that was about it’. But after getting the scoop on what Target have coming for spring and summer, I for one am really surprised. The casual shirting, prints and cuts were spot on. It will be really interesting to see how this new direction plays out.
  6. What’s the biggest mistake women make with their everyday style? Wanting to dress for others.
  7. Compared to the UK, Gok things that Australian women have an honesty about fashion.
  8. In terms of colour, next season there will be a return to black (did it ever go anywhere?!) and a mustard shade of yellow will be big news.

Are you a Target shopper? What do you think of their new number one guy, Gok? 

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