The Days of Our Lives: Lou Kendall, LOUENHIDE


This week, I’d love to introduce you to Lou Kendall, Co-founder of the iconic Australian bag and accessories label, LOUENHIDE. Since Lou and best friend, Heidi Bailey, launched their company eight years ago, she has maintained full involvement with every aspect of the brand and has no intention of pulling back any time soon!

Self-taught through sheer passion and a love of having beautiful and timeless pieces in their wardrobes, Lou and Heidi are not only organic in their process but also have a knack for creating beautiful handbags, shoes, fashion and accessories for every woman, every day.  

This is a day in Lou’s life…


The Daily Routine of Lou Kendall, Co-Founder of LOUENHIDE



Lou working hard at Bootcamp!

I exercise at least 4 times a week, usually in the morning with 2 x bootcamp and 2 x gym and swimming sessions. I usually run to and from my Friday Bootcamp session so that I can relax over the weekend.


6.30 am – 8.30 am

As soon as I get home the morning rush begins! My husband and I get our three children ready for school. This includes getting the uniforms ready, checking homework, getting lunches ready and making sure all chores are done.

In between everything I grab a coffee and check my emails, responding to any urgent requests before checking the LOUENHIDE Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Before going anywhere my husband and I work out who is doing what with their day so that we can manage our workload and arrange school pickup / drop off.

Before leaving the house the rest of my time is spent on chores – getting the washing and cleaning done, feeding our dog, squeezing in breakfast (I religiously eat porridge with a sprinkling of muesli) before having a shower and getting ready to go to the office. Today I check in for my afternoon flight to Sydney where I will be a guest on TVSN and meeting Moira!

Before I leave I make sure the house is tidy and prepare dinner.


8.30 am – 9.30 am

Once I am in the office I am generally caught up for a few hours reading and replying to the daily onslaught of emails. Today I also catch up with Heidi to talk about our upcoming work trip to China.


10.00 am

I have a weekly meeting with our General Manager to set our schedule and priorities for the week. Our General Manager, Deanne, has been with the company for a few years now and is very dedicated to the business which is a real asset.


10.30 am

I am off early to the airport, and check in for my flight to Sydney. Today I am a guest on TVSN showing off our latest range of handbags.

Back to emails, I check these again, and post a picture on Instagram. There is plenty of work for me to get on with in the meantime regarding the upcoming trip to China and planning for the TV show today.


1.30 pm


Behind the scenes at TVSN studios in Sydney


I arrive at TVSN and head straight into hair and make up.


2.00 pm – 5.00 pm


Lou on set with TVN Presenter, Moira, in Sydney

It’s a full three hours of live TV which will be cut down to a one hour segment showcasing LOUENHIDE products.

Straight after the show I am on my way to the airport to fly home back to Brisbane, responding to more emails and checking in on the family on the way home to see how everyone is.

On the plane I take a rare quiet moment to get some book reading in!


7.30 pm

Once I arrive home I finish up the dinner with my husband, go through our kids school bags, load washing machine again and prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a Saturday so we have an early start with two cricket games and swimming club in the afternoon so we have an early night, finishing off the day with a wine, shower and some time with my husband.





You can stay in touch with LOUENHIDE by following them on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

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