The Days of Our Lives: Ellen Ross, Bobux

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This week I’d like to introduce you to Ellen Ross, the senior creative for Bobux International, an award-winning children’s footwear company that is cranking out innovative design while championing true foot health for kids 0-5.

From waking up at 5 am and fitting in two gym sessions; to creating, illustrating and dreaming for Bobux, this is a day in Ellen’s life.


The Daily Routine of Ellen Ross, Senior Creative for Bobux International

5.00 am
I roll out of bed, down a black coffee and head to the gym for my morning cardio. I love starting the day this way as it thoroughly wakes me up and I adore the crisp air in the mornings.


6.30 am

As I drive to work I run through a meditation that prepares me for the day ahead and am lucky enough to see the sun rise over the water as I go.


7.00 am

Arrive at work! Time for some oats and blueberries while I look through my day planner. This morning I get a call reminding me to get my vaccinations for my upcoming trip with Habitat for Humanity, where we’ll be building 200 homes for the people of Nepal following the Earthquakes. I’m not so keen on the needles but so excited about the trip!


10.30 am

Weekly meeting with the whole Bobux crew. This week I get to announce that our latest innovative shoe which is due for launch in Feb 2016 has been made a finalist at the Best Design Awards which is the second year in a row for us!


11.00 am

I’m at my desk with my headphones on, knee deep in illustrations for the 2017 collection.


12.30 pm

“Marketing lunch”. The team heads out for lunch most days. I usually try to eat first and then stick to a chai or peppermint tea while I’m out but sometimes I can’t resist a piece of raw snickers slice. It’s all about balance!


2.30 pm

I’m meeting with the Directors to present my latest designs – from footwear to web and packaging design. The rebrand is in full swing and we are moving forward in a really exciting, fresh direction.


5.00 pm

Off to the gym again! I have a daily training session with the lovely Mark Shaw whose philosophy is ‘train smarter, not harder’ and today he’s pushing me just as hard as usual with his strength endurance training.


7.00 pm

I’m catching up with friends for dinner. We usually head to Ponsonby Central, and tonight it’s the Street Food Collective for Japanese and an incredible slice of sticky smores pie from The Pie Piper.


8.30 pm

Home time and I’m in the kitchen preparing my meals for the next day. I love whole, healthy foods and with an organic supermarket just up the road I’m spoilt for choice. Today it’s broccoli and hot smoked salmon salad with toasted sesame, almonds and lemon juice.


9.00 pm

I’m working on wedding invitations for one of my freelance clients. I like to work freelance in my down time as I find the variety of design work keeps my mind fresh and challenges me to look at new and exciting ways of creating.


10.00 pm

Time for bed. I try to get to sleep at around 10pm each night so I’m fresh and ready for the next day.


Bobux shoes are available at // You can follow Bobux on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  

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