The Days of Our Lives: Kate Sutton, Uberkate and The Cult List


This week, I’d love to introduce you to Kate Sutton. In 2003, Kate ditched her career as a TV producer and journalist to follow her heart and launch, Uberkate, a bespoke range of personalised jewellery that can be embossed with the names of loved ones and special dates.

Since then, there has been no stopping Uberkate! It is now stocked in over 70 retail stores across Australia, has a passionate online following and continues to evolve its bespoke offering. In fact, just last week Ubrerkate launched, Your Script, an innovative technique that makes your handwriting eternal by engraving it into jewellery.  And if that’s not enough to keep Kate busy, she’s also a mum of two rug rats and co-founder of a new lifestyle brand, The Cult List.

This is a day in Kate’s life….


Kate Sutton – Uberkate and The Cult List


6.00 am

I am normally woken up by my 7 year old! I check emails in bed and every day my gorgeous hubby brings me a cup of coffee and sits in his fave chair in our bedroom and we discuss and plan for the day ahead – we are business partners in Uberkate.


8.00 am

Bundle the kids out the door and answer or do anything left over from yesterdays To Do list!


9.30 am

I gym it! Spin or personal training most days as it keeps me grounded, focused and totally high on endorphins.


10.30 am

I head into the workshop where I work on current orders, new designs, meet with my team of jewelers and take shots for social media of what we are creating.


11.30 am

We have been working on a revolutionary new concept for our jewellery that will change the face of personalized jewellery. Your Script has been two years in the design phase and I am so beyond thrilled with it.


12.30 pm

Lunch at my desk while checking emails and responding to charity requests.


1.30 pm

Meet with our Social Media Manager or PR team. Planning and forcasting for the year to keep our bricks and mortar retail stores and online store fresh and new – it’s like feeding a forever hungry beast!


kate-sutton-uberkate kate-sutton-uberkate


2.30 pm

I try and wrap up my urgent emails so I can pick up my little people from school and go home and help them with their homework. Life balance has become increasingly important to me after working like a mad woman for 10 years.



Time for a brain storm over the phone with my business partner of The Cult List,  Tessa White, who also owns Down That Little Lane. Hilariously, whilst on the phone we are both homeworking with our kids and working on our new brand. It’s a lifestyle brand with designs and pieces that are very limited edition and mostly made by us. It’s just another way to let the creative in us out to play!


5.00 pm

Jot down some innovative ideas for how to move the brand forward after being inspired by drawings of jewellery by my little people. Children are endlessly creative and always coming up with new ideas. My two think they are going to take over the business one day!


8.00 pm

Once the kids are in bed I take to our social media channels and catch up with our “uber community.” We have people on our Facebook page sharing the challenges of cancer treatment, a bad day with the kids, not having enough time for themselves etc. I have been doing social media for over five years and it’s like a second online family.


9.30 pm

Time to watch some embarrassingly crappy TV while still chatting with people online… I am ashamed to say I was addicted to The Bachelor recently and The Block. Please don’t judge me!!


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