The Days of Our Lives: Emily Ellicott, EMELLi Jewellery


This week, I’d like to introduce you to Emily Ellicott, the designer passionately creating jewellery label, EMELLi.

Having forged a successful career in marketing, Emily decided to follow her heart and inner creative spirit to launch EMELLi. Incorporating fine metals and semi-precious stones, each piece is inspired by modern tribal influences and is an original in itself.

This is a day in Emily’s life…


The Daily Routine of Emily Ellicott, Designer and Founder of EMELLi Jewellery


7.00 am

I wake to my alarm and sleepily press snooze… I am not a morning person. I finally stir and I check my Instagram and Facebook which is a daily routine of mine. I even do a quick check of my emails in bed to see if there is anything really urgent to attend to, whilst making a list of things (I’d like) to complete for the day.


8.00 am

Breakfast. This morning it’s toast, avocado and a boiled egg. I don’t drink coffee (I know weird right!) so I have an orange juice. I catch a brief chat with my husband over breakfast before he heads off to work.


9.00 am

Emails. As I am currently living in Hong Kong and working with international contacts all over the globe, there are always emails to catch up on from overnight. I attend to emails from my production suppliers, marketing/PR, and any customers enquiries. I also work on product uploads and some updates to my website.


12.00 pm

New sample designs arrived via courier. I inspect them and make any adjustments to the design if needed. Luckily this time, no changes and I am super happy with them!


12.30 pm

Lunch. I have lunch in my studio at home while indulging in my favourite pass time which is browsing (and maybe buying) from my favourite shopping sites. About once a week I’ll make time to meet with friends for lunch. I regularly meet with a lovely bunch of ladies that also have their own businesses and we trade stories and tips.


1.30 pm

Get social. Post on Instagram/Facebook. I edit a brand image to post or create my own flatlay of the jewellery pieces to photograph.


2.00 pm

More emails. Along with picking and packing any new orders, I dash to the post office to send off the jewellery packages to their new owners.


6.30 pm

Finish work and put some clothes in the wash. Dinner. “Hmm, what am I going to have for dinner?” It’s a daily question I have on my lips.


8.30 pm

Relax. Time for some relaxation, watch TV, flip through a magazine and catch up with friends along with my husband.


11.00 pm

Bed. I jump into bed and grab my phone. I go on Pinterest, dreaming up my next holiday or pinning my ultimate beachside home. The quiet of the night is when I think up my best ideas, so I make notes on new design inspiration and ideas for the business direction. A last check of Instagram before I drift off to sleep.


You can follow EMELLi on Instagram and Facebook.

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