The Days of Our Lives: Caroline McCulloch, FRANKiE4 Footwear


This week I’d like to introduce you to Caroline McCulloch, a podiatrist, physiotherapist and designer behind FRANKiE4 footwear.

Caroline explains the a-ha moment that led her to start FRANKiE4, “One day a patient cried when I recommended comfort shoes as part of her treatment. She turned the tables on me and and asked if I would wear the shoes I was advising for her. I said no. And that’s the truth. Would I compromise my style sensibility by rocking chemist shoes? Absolutely not! So how could I ask my clients to do the same! It was a huge lightbulb moment for me.”

Since that realisation almost four years ago, Caroline has been keeping in step with her customers and creating footwear that has style and substance in spades. This is a day in her life…

The Daily Routine of Caroline McCulloch, FRANKiE4 Footwear


5.30am to the dot

Max, my 3 year old,  wakes and calls out to Al and I…



Max’s calling wakes Rosie (my 14 month old) who then yells out (in baby language) to us.


5.32 am

Al and I delegate who gets which child.


6.00 am

Kids and fur kids loaded in car. This includes Frank our 13yr old foxie, and Bill a wonderful family addition we got from the pound six months ago.  (Yes, Frank is our brand namesake).


6.10 am

First Stop: Quick pick up of coffee from local coffee cart. Troy the coffee man starts making ours as soon as he see’s us coming down the road.


6.11 am

Caffeine hits the bloodstream!   With Al driving to our next destination I review on my phone my ‘to do list’ and put list in order of priority of what I need to get done for the day.


6.15 am

Second Stop: Bakery for the kids!  Two scones later we’re back in car heading to the park.  I again take advantage of this travel time with my phone to check my emails (whilst collecting scone crumbs Rosie keeps passing me).


6.30 am

Third stop: Park! Al flings the frisbee for Bill, while Max and I pretend to be pirates. We try to keep the baby octopus (Rose) and the penguin (Frank) from entering our ship (play fort).


7.00 am

Back in car to head home. Head counts are now done as there has been the odd occasion we’ve forgotten Frank only to realise half way home! We then spin round and spend the journey back to the park all panicking!  Grab Frank, then home for breakfast.


7.10 am

Breakfast for the kids! Ultimate goal to avoid vegemite being smeared in my hair.


9.00 am

Maxie to daycare, he doesn’t look back as he runs to the sandpit to join his friends. Rush to F4HQ to get Rose to her cot for her morning sleep.


9.00-11.00 am

Work while Rosie sleeps. The baby monitor is a godsend if I have to do any grinding as I can plonk the monitor on one of the girls in the office desks.


11.00 am

Dom our nanny, and equivalent of Mary Poppins, arrives and takes Rose home.


11.00 am – 3.30 pm

Uninterrupted (childfree) work time where any of the below happens on a regular daily basis:

– Reviewing blueprints, wear testing and modifying prototypes/samples.  My husband and I own a couple of podiatry practices and I used to have to modify samples in our podiatry clinic’s orthotic lab, but now I have a grinder and all the tools I need in my office.

– Skypeing with supplier regarding development and production. I love working with the team in China, the first five minutes of any Skype call is generally spent laughing about inhouse jokes we have with eachother (ie we have a running race planned between myself and the main girl I work with over there for my next visit. I go to china at least once a year as the process of developing a range is much more efficient face to face.).

– Samples arrive. Everyone at office is on first name basis with ‘Fedex Mike’. When I recieve samples I go for walk in them to concentrate on how they feel and fit. Run up to the staff to get their thoughts and opinions. This on a good day can involve squealing with excitement, on a bad day could see the sample literally being flung out the window.


3.30 pm

Pick up Max, drink milkshakes together!


4.00 pm

Home to Rosie where we do nothing in particular (which is quite nice).


5.00 pm

Dinner! Al’s speciality (and re-occuring menu) is sausages with 3 vege. If I never eat another sausage in my life I will be happy, but I really shouldn’t complain he does do the cooking 99% of the time….


5.30 pm

Bath kids.



Max and Rose: Milk and TV.


6.30 pm

Rose to bed. Read books to Max. Oh, the anticipation I endure as his little fingers go to pick three books! Most parents can relate there are some books you literally feel you will die of boredom if you have to read one more time.


7.00 pm

Max to sleep…..high five Al if we have both kids down by 7 pm.


7.30 pm

Respond to any emails that may have come through from our supplier, and possible Skype. Delete jobs completed on my to do list.


8.00 pm

Clock off! Watch a brain numbing show like Topgear.


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