The Days of Our Lives: Anna Tyrrell, Violet & I

 anna-tyrrell-violet-and-I anna-tyrrell-violet-and-I anna-tyrrell-violet-and-I

This week I’d love to introduce you to Anna Tyrrell and her label Violet & I. Relying on all that is vintage to inspire a modern bohemia, Anna started Violet & I in 2009. Since then, she has made a name for herself and her signature sartorial storytelling in silk, cotton and leather that embraces the feminine silhouette.

Anna recently packed up and relocated from Melbourne to her home town of Gol Gol, NSW with her husband, Brett and Kelpie, Gypsy.   Extending her creative talents, upon returning to her home town, Anna has launched French Hen wedding styling.

This is a day in Anna’s life…

Anna Tyrrell, Creator of Violet & I

7.00 am

Finally wake up after my alarm has been ding-donging at me for a half hour. Crawl out of extremely comfy bed and do a few yoga moves to wake up, then take Gypsy our little rescue Kelpie for her big daily adventure walk down to the river.


8.00 am

Shove as many fruits and vegetables as I can find into the Nutribullet to make a my “green smoothie that always looks brown” and head to my studio to answer emails and get a quick look at my day. Brett heads off to work and I have a quick shower and get ready.


9.00 am

Write my To-Do list, my goal is to get this done before lunch time without getting side tracked with Pinterest or Facebook! Answer customer enquiries, finish off any wedding styling proposals for clients, chat with our factory manager about production and deliveries.


12.00 pm

Brett walks home for lunch, we make a wrap and sit out in our sunny garden with Gypsy who has barking/yodelling competitions with Brett.


1.00 pm

Pop down to the post office to send off any orders and grab a coffee and fresh flowers to take back to the studio. Afternoons are dedicated to ‘design’ – so I need my music on (Broods is on repeat currently), candle burning and my desk clean. This is where the magic happens. Sketching is therapy, and Pantone swatches are my friends.


6.00 pm

The evenings roll around so fast, Brett walks through the door shouting ‘sweetheart’ in a funny voice, Gypsy comes inside and it’s our time to unwind, chat about our days and cook something for dinner and enjoy a glass of red.


8.00 pm

TV goes on if there’s anything decent to watch, Gypsy curls up on her little bed, stretches her legs out and starts dreaming of sheep maybe? Sometimes funny little barks escape. I am secretly on my iPad replying to emails at all hours even though I promised I would ‘stop work’ at 6pm. I am working on it…


You can stay in touch with Anna and all that’s happening at Violet & I by following them on Facebook and Instagram.



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