Winter 2013 Interiors Trends

Freedom Australian Winter Interiors Trends 2013 Freedom Australia Winter Interiors Trends 2013

Korryn Bentley, Homewares Buyer Freedom Furniture

Since it’s the last day of summer, let’s do a bit of crystal ball gazing to find out what the top  interiors trends are for the cooler months. To get the lowdown on how on how to tap these trends and feather your nest, I spoke with Korryn Bentley, the Homewares Buyer at Freedom. Here’s what she had to say:



Freedom Furniture Monochrome Vase

This season we see strong graphic trends coming through. Geometrics are sharp and bold pattern is essential for making a statement. Or try thin linear hand-drawn lines which work well against bold precise graphics and vibrant saturated colours.

This season I’m really loving the Ribbon Vessel – black, white and classic.



Freedom Neon Knit Cushion

Colour is confident this season. Combinations of neutral taupe and eggshell are offset by splashes of raspberry, highlighter yellow and chartreuse. Brave colour combinations are encouraged and look hot when worked back with – my favourite combination of the moment – black and white.

My top pick for an instant hit of colour is our Neon Knit Cushion. There might also be a co-ordinating throw to come out in cooler months (yes folks, you read that here first!)

We’re also looking at acid greens, highlighter pinks and lobster oranges working back with black and white chevron, spot and stripe prints. Soft neutral knits soften up these vibrant combinations and are ideal for layering on sofas and in the bedroom.

Freedom Furniture Rug 23344365

Freedom Furniture Rug

This season, we’ve conquered graphic rugs and had fun with bold stripes and diagonal diamond patterns in lobster orange, teal and raspberry – these are great to add an instant hit of colour.

When introducing colour to your home, you can either go over the top and layer up  with cushions and throws on the sofa, acid brights on walls etc, or if you prefer a safer aesthetic, keep everything else quite understated and then add that punch of colour with the rug. But whatever  you do, add some colour and fun this winter. It will change the way your home feels!



Freedom Australia Winter Interiors Trend 2013

For those who are into a more classic look – we’ve really fallen hard for the indulgent textures of faux fur, thickly woven ribbed fabrics and textural knits. For an instant texture hit, check out or Winston range of soft furnishings.

I preach to everyone not to fear about perfectly coordinating or matching patterns and prints – the beauty of layering is to revel in the mismatched. Be confident that small textural pattern or differences will work together – be that for clusters of vessels or collections of cushions. Even glassware! It tends to tell a story when your pieces don’t all perfectly match and it looks less contrived.

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