Win a $250 Clickon Furniture Gift Voucher! {Closed}

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I’m a big fan of designer furniture and homewares retailer, Clickon Furniture. In fact, you might remember that in the summertime I got our peachy dining chairs there.

So, I’m super excited to be teaming up with them to share their latest collection of new season dining chairs. With a huge range of Scandanavian-inspired designs from brands such as Ethnicraft and Organic Modernism, you will find it hard choosing a fave!


To celebrate their new dining chair collection, Clickon Furniture is giving one of you lucky ducks a $250 gift voucher. To enter simply:

  1. Subscribe to Checks and Spots (if you haven’t already!)
  2. Join the Clickon Furniture mailing list.
  3. Leave a comment below letting me know that you’re on both lists!

Good luck! Entries close 10 pm Monday 10 August 2015.

Edit – Congratulations to our winner, Karla Konings. Big thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more fun times and giveaways!

Giveaway Fine Print: Competition open to Australian readers only.  This is a game of skill. The winner will be decided by Checks and Spots. Winners announced on Checks and Spots on Wednesday 12 August 2015 and contacted via email. Prize is not transferable. Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash, however the winner will have a generous period of six months to use it. Clickon Furniture has showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as an online store that ships Australia-wide.   
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    All signed up. The dining chair range is great! I’ll have to visit their Johnston St showroom very soon. Thanks for the comp, Clare!

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