Watch The Checks and Spots HQ Renovation


Cue the star dust and dancing girls! It’s time to introduce you to my latest project – The Checks and Spots HQ Renovation.

For five years I’ve run my blog and Brand Storytelling business from home – in fact, you might remember when I shared my teeny tiny home office with you here!

While this set up was perfect when the kids were babies, the time has come to physically separate work from home. I figure this will stop work bleeding into every aspect of my life and that it will help me have better balance…if there is such a thing!

Enter – my new studio! While it’s got a ton of natural light and great bones, I think that a little nip and tuck will make a big difference. So, over the next few weeks, I’m teaming up with Freedom and Taubmans for the Checks and Spots HQ renovation.

Watch this first episode of The Studio Project video series, and get a sneak peek of the space and what I’ve got planned:

Ever since I picked up the keys to my studio, I’ve been getting my pin on and creating a mood board of inspiration for the Checks and Spots HQ renovation. You can see some of the ideas I have for my new office over here.

I can’t wait to create a new home for Checks and Spots and to have you along for the ride! xx


Video by: Alec McCloskey

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