Want Some Punk With Your Plonk?

Wine by Some Young Punks

Today will go a little something like this:

  1. Alfie and I are rugging up and heading to the market to do one hell-of-a-big-shop.
  2. Home again and I’ll spend the day happily chopping, dicing, slicing, cooking, basting and baking.
  3. Night falls and six friends will come around for a hearty home-cooked meal.
  4. With a belly full of nosh and good booze we’ll crash between the sheets.
What could be grander than a day like this?

Speaking of good booze, have you heard of the South Australian wine label, Some Young Punks? Or should I say, have you seen their labels? Inspired by pulp fiction novels, these bottles look as good as their contents taste!
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