Tuck Shop Take Away Tuesday

Tuck Shop Take Away

It’s Tuesday which means it’s time for a good ol’ serving of Tuck Shop Take Away. Let’s check in with Karina and Clinton and see what they’ve been up as they dream, create and roll their sleeves up to turn their gem of an idea into a business. 


At the beginning of this week we reached the unanimous decision that as time is fading fast we haven’t the luxury of swanning around shops browsing for items and going to every little thing together so it’s time to divide and conquer.

This meant we barely saw each other all week. We would hash our plan first thing in the morning and set about our days separately crossing off double the duties and flipping a coin to decide who landed  the kids for their quest!

Tuck Shop Take Away

One thing we did do together was head to South Melbourne to meet with our friends and my ex employers Steve and Dre at Chez Dre. We first met with them a few months ago, I rang Steve and told him I had a lease in my hand for a commercial property and could we come in to run our thousands of questions by them. They were the ones that instilled the first, and in turn most important, vote of confidence in us and we have been so lucky to have them there to consult with. This occasion was nitty gritty type stuff like insurance. They again were beyond helpful and not just with the topic at hand, we ended up discussing staffing and the emotion of owning your own business.

Empirical Style Tuck Shop Take Away

With the fit out in its last days, we had the creative duo Steve and Helena from Empirical Style visit to mark out the placement of pendant lights and discuss colour palate. It was a social visit as well as business with babies on the girl’s hips and the boy’s up ladders marking the ceiling. We’re really excited about the lighting and can’t wait to see them hanging in all their glowing glory.

Tuck Shop Take Away

On the tradies side of things, the major component of the electrical work was done and the laminate flooring in the back prep kitchen laid. The builders pushed on and got more cabinetry built in and the vintage school lockers went up. We had a change of mind on the placement of the communal table, losing the need for a bench seat to be built along the wall as well as the height of the bar in the windows being changed and chairs removed to make it a standing area. It is amazing how things evolve as you go, we thought we had it all sorted with layout, placement and fixtures but as it comes together you tweak things and shift and shuffle to make it perfect. It’s all well and good on paper but once it’s in front of you it can be a whole different story.

Tuck Shop Take Away

The end of the week saw shopping and deliveries piling up in the “kid’s rumpus room” aka our store room, and painting by moonlight with Clinton up until all hours splashing paint on the walls. Luckily I drew the winning card on that one and got to put the kids to bed and hit the hay myself, it is divide and conquer after all!

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