The Days of Our Lives: Vanessa Hernandez, Designer

In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day

This week, let me introduce you to Vanessa Hernandez, the girl I’d like to swap lives with!

Hailing from Los Angeles, Vanessa started The Vaguely design studio and has worked the likes of TOMS shoes, WeSC, GOOD magazine, and Haus of GaGa. She is completely crazy about getting down and dirty with hand-rendered typography and various messy projects (and dude, gold leaf is messy.) But don’t just take my word for it, check out the beautiful video Hunter & Fox created of Vanessa working her magic.

When not in the studio, she spends her time driving with her windows down / radio loud, accidental napping on friends’ couches and acquiring the frequent burrito.

This is a day in Vanessa’s life…



9:00 am

Wake up, stretch it out and text my best friend in Chicago. Since she’s two hours ahead and usually has early days, sometimes I half expect to see a text from her announcing a newly discovered brunch spot that we’ll try next time I visit, or a photo of her pup, or a snapshot of one of her phenomenal creations.


9:30 am

After giving myself a good, lazy amount of time in bed to lollygag on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook – and probably play a game or two of Sonic the Hedgehog – I review work emails, meeting set-ups and shop orders. I write my to-do list over some fruit and veggie concoction. My recent favorite is lemon water blended with cucumber, lime, strawberries and jalepeño.


10:30 am

Showered, haphazardly dressed, red-lipsticked and out the door to review orders with my vinyl supplier. I never would have thought I’d be going through so much marine vinyl and now he and I have become pretty close – especially after my panics over having run out! Shop for additional supplies, make morning business calls.


11:30 am

There are a handful of really quaint cafés in my area of downtown LA, so I trick a friend into meeting me for coffee and brunch. Sometimes we work, sometimes it’s just a nice break, but it’s almost always a way to catch up with the neighbourhood friends & creatives.



1:00 am

Head to my studio to begin working on whatever’s on the to-do list. I’m lucky to have amazing clients, so all of my design projects are fun, but I’m especially excited when I get to stay away from the computer for a few hours – lately this is becoming more and more frequent, which I love. Also, check email, lose some time by gawking over firework videos and space articles that my friends gchat me (they get me every time.)

6:30 pm

Floor is completely covered in gold leaf remenants and linoleum cuts after catching up on specialty work all afternoon. And so am I.

7:00 pm

Race to the post office to ship off an armful of mailing tubes to my great customers!



7:30 pm

Meet the lovely Erin for one of our dinner “meatings”: Japanese BBQ and girl / shop talk. This girl is such a creative monster and I love exchanging ideas with her.

9:00 pm

Catch a drink with some friends, scream my face off over the Dodger game being televised at the bar (in a loving, possibly obsessive way.)

10:30 pm

Head home, put on a movie, do some typography sketching, practice a little ukulele, and let myself fall asleep in a pile of pillows.


You can keep up-to-date with the adventures of Vanessa on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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