The Days of Our Lives: Nick Garnham, Jardan

In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.

Let me introduce you to Nick Garnham, the Designer and Director at Jardan. For more than twenty years, this family-run business has been producing well made furniture that is equal parts contemporary, relaxed and a bit of fun.

Not only does this stuff look the goods, but it’s made to live in – which is something I can vouch for as our Nook sofa takes a thrashing from the kids and is still as beautiful as the day it came home to us!

From wrestling with the kids to being at the helm of Jardan, this is a day in the life of Nick Garnham….


6:00 am

Woke up and got straight into the garden to do a quick prune of garden to fill up Green Waste collection ready for today. I always like to spend some time in the garden nice and early if I’m not going to do any exercise that morning.


7:00 am

Get the kids ready for school, lots of coercing and to-ing and fro-ing.


7:30 am

Struggled to piece together a crystal triangle with my son Van, 6 he got at the IMAX museum on the weekend.

Quick wrestle on the trampoline with boys so my 3 year old, Japhy can practice his flying karate kicks on me, luckily he’s still only a lightweight…


8:30 am

Drop Van to primary school and get to work.


9:00 am

Get to office and first thing, go for a walk around the factory and chat to guys and girls about what they are working on. It’s always great to see the products that have come off the bench this morning and are getting ready to be wrapped and delivered. Love to see what colourful or out-there fabrics, or custom table may have been selected by an interior designer for a particular project.

9:30 am

Go through emails and plan for the day. Chat with my brother Mike who looks after Production and Finance.


10:30 am

Meet with the Design Team to review current new designs and prototypes we are working on. This is the best part of the day creating new product.

Deal with Sales Staff during the day to discuss various projects they may be trying to secure and what unusual or custom items may be requested.

12:00 am

Drive 5 mins to other manufacturing site where we make timber furniture…always great to smell the Oak.


Lunch – perhaps Wonton soup at local Vietnamese with my partner Renee who also works at Jardan as a Creative and Stylist.


1:00 pm

Meet with Upholstery research and prototype team and review how the latest sofas and chairs are coming to life and help resolve the design – always a balancing act of endeavouring to get a piece to look great, be really comfy, stand up to robust usage whilst keeping the simplicity and integrity of the design.


2:00 pm

Touch base with sales staff from interstate offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Sometimes chat with international dealers to see how they are progressing.


3:00 pm

Work on latest Marketing and Sales collateral which today the focus is on a new website which we have just resolved the design and function of and are now getting ready for the build.


4:00 pm

Chat with clients in showroom if they need my attention and often take clients through showroom for a factory tour and explanation of how we operate.


6:30 pm

Arrive home and play with kids before dinner. They usually get really hypo around this time so I try and get them out into the garden, play soccer or something and burn some energy before family dinner.


7:30 pm

Start winding the kids down with a book or some Lego and get them into bed with a story – much to-ing and fro-ing.


8:00 pm

Still trying to get the kids down!


9:00 pm

Relax and chat with Renee, maybe a bit of Game of Thrones then zzzzzzz


Jardan is one of the major sponsors of The Design Files Open House. You can visit The Open House and see Jardan’s Collection from this Thursday to Sunday 2 December, 10am – 5pm (27 Eastbourne Street, Windsor, VIC)

To keep up to date with all Jardan’s latest news, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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