The Big Picture

The Conflict Kitchen

It’s easy to underestimate the impact some people have on your life.

My high-school International Studies teacher was one of those people. Instead of following the well-trod path of mediocre, high-school curriculum, he introduced us to the likes of Noam Chomsky and Geoffrey Robertson Q.C. and passionately shared the truth of countries like East Timor and Nicaragua. Every class was a lesson in the big picture.

Another place serving up a good dose of the big picture is The Conflict Kitchen. This take-out restaurant only serves cuisine from countries the United States is in conflict with. The storefront rotates identity every four months to highlight another nation, and each iteration is augmented by events, performances and discussion about the culture, politics and issues at stake for that country.

To launch they opened with the Kubideh Kitchen, and are serving up an Iranian menu that has been developed in collaboration with the local Iranian community. The packaging is custom-designed (see above) to include interviews with Iranians on subjects ranging from Iranian food and poetry to the current political turmoil.

How about that for food for thought?

Conflict Kitchen is located at 124 s. Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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