Pretty Pigeon

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

I’ve got a mild case of pigeon toes. When I was younger I would concentrate on walking like an over-exaggerated ballerina in the hope my feet would find some sort of middle ground between a pigeon and prima ballerina.

If I had known then what I know now – that my funny little tootsies had something in common with the makers of stop-in-your-tracks porcelain – I wouldn’t have wasted so much energy on such a ridiculous caper!

Portland based, Pigeon Toe Ceramics, take two weeks to create each of their pieces. They hand throw each vessel and then embellish them by hand to create unique and organic shapes. I can just picture them grouped in a lovely little collection on our windowsill…or even in a pigeon pair!
From US$ 5.50; available online here.
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