Interview: Lisa Jones from Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Pigeon Toe Ceramics about the home.

It’s been almost a year since I first wrote about Pigeon Toe Ceramics and I’m happy to report that my love affair with them continues! In fact, after my interview with Lisa Jones, the genius behind this brand, it just got a hell of a lot worse!

Pigeon Toe Ceramics are known for their hand-thrown porcelain pieces that are perfect for about your home, in the garden or on your table. Beautiful and modern, these affordable heirlooms make me stop in your tracks.

But after getting to know Lisa a little more, I quickly learnt that there is much more to her than ceramics. In fact, she has one of the most intoxicating inspiration lists I’ve come across…so make sure you click through and lose yourself down the rabbit hole of treasures that Lisa has shared.

Pieces from Pigeon Toe Ceramics’ most recent F/W collection which incorporates wood for the first time.

My interest in ceramics started…in 4th grade in an after-school class. My first objects were hand-built houses and little people that were also lidded vessels. My mom still has them I think!

I’m inspired by…the thoughtful creativity of others whose aesthetic visions I identify with in some way…the perfect curves in the furniture of Hans Wegner, the laid-back modern grace of clothing house Humanoid, the embracing of our flaws (and the discovery of beauty within them) in the work of Miranda July, the gorgeous sentences of Ian McEwan, the set design this season on Mad Men, I could go on and on of course.

My ultimate project is…to design an entire house Frank Lloyd Wright style – from the floorboards to the tableware to the owner’s clothing. I generally consider myself more of a designer than a ceramicist and hope to someday have an entire lifestyle brand. I love the immediacy of creation and tactile nature of thrown pottery but my interests definitely extend beyond it.

I’d love to collaborate with…Eva Zeisel, the designers behind Vena Cava, and Julia Rothman.

My favourite product in the Pigeon Toe range is..the folded salt and pepper cellars (at least right now, I change my mind often). I love the off-kilter simplicity, the fact that there are two, and the wide potential of uses based on their size.

Pigeon Toe Ceramics in the Garden.

I’m happiest when…I’m a few days into a vacation with several relaxing days ahead and I can begin to develop new designs. The generous emptiness of those days gives me room to work in a way that doesn’t feel like work. I’m happiest when I’m creating without pressure and have the time to simply think.

It’s not fashionable, but I love…oh it’s ridiculous and I know it but I watched every episode of Work of Art with glee and devoted regularity. The commercialized format goes against what most people consider sacred about fine art, but for someone who went to art school and participated in the high-minded bullshitting that is critiques it was like candy. Ok, now I’m rationalizing. I have a soft spot for competitive reality television!

I can’t live without…the morning ritual of coffee and reading the news. I’m also a bit of a technophile and feel like I’m missing a limb without my laptop.

I dream of…a farmhouse on acreage with a studio full of windows out back. I also dream about the day when my hard work pays off enough to allow me more than one day off a week!

My golden rule is…good design doesn’t have to cost a fortune. And – beauty and function should never be mutually

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