Interview: Artist and Designer, Scott Albrecht

If I had to sum up Brooklyn-based Scott Albrecht , I’d say he’s a typographical fine art genius! From drawings and paintings to woodwork, fonts and co-founding Process, it seems like there’s nothing Scott can’t do!

I’ve long been a fan of his bold sense of colour and touch of retro appeal, but recently I stopped admiring from afar and got to know Scott a little bit better.

A culture-jamming experiment, called the Mixtape Proeject, was one of Scott’s largest creative endevours to date and resulted in mass-participation around the globe.

My proudest creative moment waswhen I was about 8 or 9 years old, I had discovered my Dad’s light table and began tracing my favorite cartoon characters, mostly Looney Tunes characters at that time. I was so impressed with my newfound handy work, I decided to send some ‘originals’ to Warner Brothers. A couple months later, I received a signed glossy of Bugs and the gang with a personal message from Bugs Bunny himself saying “Dear Scott – Keep up the good work. Love Bugs”. I still have it framed in my apartment.

My greatest style influence is… my Dad. He never ceases to amaze me with just about everything he does. His drive and passion for what he does is an ongoing source of inspiration for me.

I’m currently working on… A solo exhibition titled SOMETHINGMISTAKENFORNOTHING at The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco. The show is a culmination of works from the last year or so that in a nutshell focuses primarily on the idea of discarded interactions and resuscitating lost sentiment. I also just relaunched a website with a couple of friends called Process. Process is a collective blog aimed to spotlight the creative process of artists and creative individuals. The site features a wide range of content from artist features for inspiration to exclusive interviews, studio visits and more.

A day in my life isnot long enough.

The one font I never want to see again is… the one that looks like it’s been horribly photoshopped.

I’m passionate about… high fives!

Home is… my girlfriend, Maléna Seldin.

If I wasn’t an artist or designer I’d be… living out my childhood dream of being a superhero. My day job would be running a record label or something music related.

I’ll never give up… tapping on my desk while I listen to music. I’ve tried. It’s not happening.

People are often surprised to learn that I… am 6′ 6″ and don’t play basketball. It never fails.

My golden rule is…be happy with what you do. If you’re not, take whatever steps you need to change your situation.

SOMETHINGMISTAKENFORNOTHING, a solo exhibition by Scott Albrecht, runs from August 27-September 26, 2010 at The Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco.
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