How To: Decorate a Kid’s Playroom – Part 4

Kid's Playroom

This week I’m handing over the Checks and Spots reins to Penny and Sam, the ridculously talented duo behind Scally Duggan Styling. Their focus is simple: with home and interior styling they can unlock the door to your dream home. But it’s their canny eye for sourcing and pulling together a look, and feel, for your home that is out-of-the- box.

To finish of this series about how to create a relaxed space for the kids, Penny and Sam are sharing their tips on decorating with artwork and choosing a colour palette.



Kid's Playroom - Wallpaper Kids Playroom


Kid's Playroom

One big feature piece of artwork is simple and uncomplicated.

Either photographic, painting or wallpaper as long as it is relevant to the feel of the room and the age of the children. In other words, don’t spend your dollars on a large piece of art that they will soon outgrow. Find some options online and talk it through with kids. Vintage posters are always a favourite for all generations and add some fun and whimsy – that translates to an adult appreciation – to any room.




Try to keep a basic palette of neutral tones –  ie. paint , sofa and rugs. As the kids grow other design elements can be changed, such as light fittings , soft furnishings and floor cushions, to create visual interest.

Kid's Playroom

Clockwise from top:


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