How To: Decorate a Kid’s Playroom – Part 3


This week I’m handing over the Checks and Spots reins to Penny and Sam, the ridculously talented duo behind Scally Duggan Styling. Their focus is simple: with home and interior styling they can unlock the door to your dream home. But it’s their canny eye for sourcing and pulling together a look, and feel, for your home that is out-of-the- box.

This week they’ve been sharing a whole ton of insights for creating a relaxed space for the kids. Today we’re looking at the fun stuff – play areas and art walls.   


Play Station

Introduce a long table to the room that can be used as a play station. A custom-made desk along an otherwise dead wall space needn’t be a complex design, it can even be banged together out of some ply wood  for another creative wood work session with older kids.

custom made desk

Another option for a smaller area is the retro inspired Lilly and Lolly scoop desk that never goes out of style and can take them from tots to pre-teens too.

custom desk

To encourage play leave various activity stations set up at each section of the table. With what’s on offer at Ikea these days, they will be as easy on the eye as they are on the wallet.

play stations

Art Wall 

Save an area of the wall where kids can express themselves and display their artwork. Done correctly it can become a design feature of the room.

corkboard artwall

The use of cork in interiors is making a big comeback and perfect for this installation.

blackboard on kids bedroom wall (2)

A blackboard can also become an ever changing design element.

You can see the rest of this series about How To: Decorate a Kid’s Playroom here.

Image: 1, All other images supplied by Scally Duggan Styling.
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