Hot. Damn Hot.

Images: Pony Rider

Homewares By Pony Rider

There’s no escaping it. This week is going to be a scorcher, and I couldn’t be happier. The hotter the better in my books.

But, if you’re not such a fan, then I suggest getting your sweaty mitts on a Teakin (the cute love child of a tea towel and napkin) that is hand screen-printed, sewn and packaged by the clever girls from Pony Rider. Perfect for moping your brow, tying into a hat, lazily fanning yourself with or disguising a lost battle with a dripping ice cream, a Teakin is the ideal multi-tasker for alleviating your heat aversion. Or you can simply pop it over your head and hope it all goes away!

From AU $33; available online at Pony Rider.
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