Flap Your Wings!

Image: MoMA Store

Folding Bird House

I’ve got bird’s nest hair and a bird brain.

When I was growing up, my favourite book was To Kill a Mockingbird.
If I could sing like a bird I would be more inclined to participate in karaoke.
My next tatt is going to be of a bird.
After seeing The Birds, I officially retired from watching scary moves.
I want to visit Birdsville Races, Bird City, and Turkey before I die.
I’ve never been one to sleep in because the early bird does catch the worm.
I wish I could eat like a bird – as opposed to a horse.
I always thought it was odd that the Birds of Tokyo are actually all male and from Western Australia.

Clearly, there’s a pattern happening here! Which is why I’m all a flutter after spotting this Folding Bird House. It comes flat packed and folds upright to reveal the best bird digs going around. All it needs is a little bird seed and I’m ready to move in!

USD 50, available here.
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