Oils ‘Aint Oils

Everyone has a holy grail – this is mine.

I’ve honestly spent the last two year searching for an Essential Oil Burner that doesn’t look hippy-dippy or like something I made in my Year 8 pottery class. And now, Page Thirty Three has made my dreams a reality!

Inspired by science experiments and alchemy, this Essential Oil Burner has a Tasmanian Oak base, industrial clamp and glass flask. Plus it comes with an Australian made beeswax candle and Australian-grown lavender oil.

Yup. You can now call me the nutty professor!

AU $169.95 (plus postage) // Available online from Page Thirty Three
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  • That is the fanciest oil burner ever. If I was confident my cat wouldn’t set the place on fire with that thing around, I’d be adding it to my wish list! Well, I’ll add it anyways and just hope my cat can behave!