How To: Decorate a Kid’s Playroom – Part 2

Kids Playroom

This week I’m handing over the Checks and Spots reins to Penny and Sam, the ridculously talented duo behind Scally Duggan Styling. Their focus is simple: with home and interior styling they can unlock the door to your dream home. But it’s their canny eye for sourcing and pulling together a look, and feel, for your home that is out-of-the- box.

Over the next few days they’re going to share a whole ton of insights for creating a relaxed space for the kids. Today we’re going to look at floor coverings and lighting.  


Floor Coverings 

Layered rugs

Ensure that there are soft, inviting floor coverings such as Armadillo & Co’s earth pebble weave rugs which can be custom made to suit any size. For extra texture and interest layer this with some fun colorful rugs from Urban Outfitters.





Keep lighting subdued as this will take on the mood of the room. Also remember that you don’t want desk lamps or floor lamps which can be knocked over during a wrestling match!

A key design feature worth considering is an over-sized pendant light in the centre of the room over the floor space. Chic and well out of the way of a right hook to a big brothers head!

Great Dane have a wide range of Muuto lighting that is perfect.


Or check out Popper Pendants for a look that is fresh and fun. Plus, they can be custom colored to suit your room.

popper pendant

You can see the rest of this series about How To: Decorate a Kid’s Playroom here.

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