The Days of Our Lives: Natasha Skunca, Make Me Iconic

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This week, I’d love to introduce you to Natasha Skunca, the incredibly talented gal behind Make Me Iconic. Based in Melbourne, Natasha and her team of designers create homewares, toys and souvenirs that celebrate Australian icons. From the MCG and the Weber BBQ, to Melbourne’s trams and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Natasha has the knack for taking some of the things we love most about being Austrayan and turning them into contemporary, sophisticated designs!

This is a day in Natasha’s life.


Natasha Skunca, Founder of Make Me Iconic


make-me-iconic make-me-iconic make-me-iconic

6.00 am

My iPhone alarm goes off (loud) for my morning walk but I decide my bed is too comfy today and I switch it off without hesitation and roll back under the donna. I feel a tinge of guilt for a second before I fall back into a snooze.


7.10 am

Maika, our 2 year old girl. wakes first and we usually do cuddles and stories in bed before we get up. The kids are my second alarm clock. Then it’s pretty much showers and get ready for school as I have two older boys in Grade 1 & 4. With three kids and business it’s always a juggle!


8.00 am

Kids eat breakfast and husband makes lunches for the boys before he catches the train to the Docklands for his work. First cup of tea for the day, joy – even if I see crushed cornflakes all over the floor.


8.45 am

School run then play date for Maika and a good girl friend. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday are my work days so I have Mondays and Fridays to do something with her or catch up with a friend. I show my friend a some new ideas as we walk through the park and head towards the playground.  We get a blanket out to sit on the floor and some snacks for the little ones. I take a few store phone calls in between.


11.30 am

Drop into warehouse on my way home to do quick check – with Maika in tow.  Nicki my Warehouse Goddess reports on  stock levels  and I get the low down from her.


12.00 pm

Lunch at home. Cup of tea. Sneak on the computer for a bit to check emails while Maika sleeps. She is phasing out of her nap now so I only get 45min. On these days I don’t get much work done and just enjoy my time with her.
2.00 pm

Supermarket. Last minute decision on what to make for dinner.


3.00 pm

School run and catch up with a few of the mums at school and get the gossip on what’s been happening at school as I have not read the school newsletter again! Kristof (yes – the same name from Frozen) has a chess class after school today . He tells me about the class – I have no idea how to play it and just nod with excitement for him.


4.00 pm

Boys make themselves a snack and ride their bikes in the street with a few neighbourhood kids. They need a bit of down time.


5.00 pm
Homework with the boys and prepare an easy dinner that may last for 2 days such as chicken soup.


6.30 pm

Bath and showers. Everyone is in PJ’s getting ready for bedtime.


7.00 pm

Maika goes to bed first.  She loves stories and the cut-off is about 5 and then its night-night. She is very good and has learned how to go to sleep on her own. I thank her for it every night as it makes my life so much easier and calmer!


7.00-8.00 pm

Boys get some TV time now before bed. I am actually loving some of the boys TV at the moment such as Gum Ball and The Regular Show. I series tape it for them on Foxtel partly for my own enjoyment too and sit with the boys and tune-into their world. Hilarious. Good to have a silly laugh!


8.00 pm

Boys in bed.  Jump onto the computer to catch up on 1-2 hours work. This is one of my days where there has not been much time for Make Me Iconic and have to make it up somewhere. I sign off some packaging designs for some new ranges and send artwork to manufactures. I check the web sales online and send orders for the next day off to Nicki as well as all the wholesale orders


8.30 pm

My husband walks in the door and we eat dinner together and he does the dishes. I flip through magazines to look for ideas for my photo shoot which  I am planning. Jot down some ideas for some new ranges which jumped into my head.


9.00-11.00 pm

Then its trashy TV or something my husband wants to watch on our couch.

You can show Make Me Iconic here or follow them on Facebook

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