Blown Away

Launch of A Picture Book First and Foremost

You know how you get that rush of adrenalin – that flutter in your heart, when you see something that just blows you away? Well, I was blindsided by that last night.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Australian pop artist/artist entrepreneur, David Bromley. So, it took me completely by surprise that the launch of his book, A Picture Book First and Foremost, would be one of the most breathtaking experiences of my life.

Bromley calls it his ‘folly’, but I say it is one of the most captivating spaces in Melbourne. Each room of this faded Victorian-era beauty is furnished completely different from the next. There is a workshop, salon, studio, dining room and bedroom (even though no one lives there). And each room is filled with eccentric treasures, artwork and oddities that Bromley has fossicked for and collected. It felt a little creepy, a little otherworldly – like the pages of a fairytale had come to life. But at the same time the emotive pull of this space is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

It’s funny how you can be so wrong about someone. And how one evening can completely change that.

A Picture Book First and Foremost is available from 14 December.
Standard Edition: AU$ 170; Limited Edition: AU$ 1,500
Available from A Day on Earth (1223 High Street, Armadale, Victoria)

Ps: Sorry the photos are so grainy – I took them on my phone. Like I said, I wasn’t anticipating such a night!

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