MoMA at NGV - Tom Ross (
Happy Friday lovelies! Have you had a good week? Here are five things that have lit up my world this week that I thought you might like too - including a sneak peek of MoMa at NGV, a new exhibition of more than 200 masterworks from New York's iconic Museum of Modern Art that opens tomorrow at the National Gallery of Victoria.
Between weekend trips down to our farm and running the kids around town to their after school activities, our family spends A LOT of time in the car! Lately, we've been using the time to listen to a whole bunch of podcasts. So, I thought I'd share with you my roundup of the three best podcasts for kids - that you'll enjoy listening to as well!
Recently, I was mid-session with my therapist when she stopped me and asked,"Do you know the difference between reacting and responding?" "I thought they were the same thing," I replied. Turns out responding and reacting are very different - and this revelation has been a massive perspective change to how I relate and communicate.