Winter Beauty Guide

With winter on our doorstep it’s time to slow down and recalibrate in tune with the coming season. Rather than go into hibernation mode though, I’ve asked some of the best in the biz for their beauty tips to get you through the cooler months.


Skincare and Makeup

Bobbi Brown’s Black Velvet collection is now on counter.

Makeup artists, don’t get much more iconic than Bobbi Brown. With a career spanning more than three decades and an eponymous cosmetics range, Brown is the perfect go-to for skincare and makeup tips. Here are her top three suggestions to see you through winter:

  • If you find yourself missing your relaxed summer glow, fake it with bronzer. Using a Bronzer Brush, sweep a sheer layer over the parts of your face the sun would naturally hit: your forehead, the apples of your cheeks, your nose, and your neck. Add a touch of blush and Treatment Lip Shine and you’ll have the ultimate natural glow!
  • Adjust your skincare routine accordingly by exfoliating once a week to eliminate winter flakiness and switching to a slightly heavier moisturizer to compensate for cooler, drier weather. (Don’t overlook the benefit of a moisturizer with built-in sunscreen to protect against the sun’s still-damaging rays.) You’ll probably need the help of creamy concealer to lighten up undereye circles – and with the change of seasons, a richer foundation to keep skin hydrated.
  • Gently transition to winter makeup shades. Look for tawny shades of blush (a brown-toned pink warms up your face instantly) and lipstick. As for the eyes, this winter, it’s all about making them stand out.



With biting winds and blasting heating, winter is a time of extremes for hair. “You care for sun and salt damaged locks in summer and it’s just as important for tresses to be protected from the turbulent winter weather,”says Biba Creative Director and Wella System Professional Ambassador, Frank Apostolopoulos.

“The best thing you can do to protect your hair from natural and manmade elements is use a treatment. In winter, our exposure to indoor heating is ramped up, resulting in dehydrated hair that loses elasticity and feels rough and dry. Hydrating products add moisture back into hair and give a healthy shine.”

Apostolopoulos suggests using Wella System Professional Smoothen Mask as a good all-rounder that will calm, control and smooth the hair structure.


Beautiful From Within

Beauty is more than skin deep. During winter, it’s as important as ever to nurture yourself from within. Let me introduce you to Natalie Kringoudis. She is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who founded The Pagoda Tree and is incredibly passionate about wholistic and natural living. Here are her tips for making the most of winter:

  • First comes food. Its called ‘comfort food’ because it oozes soul, nourishes each and every part of us and makes us feel good. Warm wholesome food is really easy to cook. Often on a winter’s day, I raid the crisper and chop up anything I find. I brown it in a pot, add some protein, be it meat, beans or legumes, a tin of tomato’s, stock and let it cook; sometimes for hours. There is nothing better that wholesome, nourishing food on a cold winters night.
  • You should sleep more. There is a reason that the days get shorter – it allows for more rest time. Having an extra hour or two to rest, equips your body with the essentials it needs to brave each chilly winter day.
  • Physical activity is still just as important as any other time of the year. Modifying the type of exercise you do, is the difference. Slower, less vigorous activity is best suited to winter. Specifically Yoga, Pilates and walking are great forms of movement. Adding these to your week will keep stress levels down and the blood flowing, making sure that all corners of your body are getting what they deserve.
  • If you find yourself prisoner to a cold or flu grab some ginger, lemon and manuka honey – pop it all in a mug and let it brew for a few minutes. The ginger will warm you and help open the pores to sweat it out. Most citrus fruits will sooth a sore throat as they’re acidic and high pH may help kill germs – as will the manuka honey, it helps to sooth the throat but as a bonus it’s antibacterial properties are the bomb.


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