Will Olive Green Make You Stop Smoking?

I’m no Goody Two-Shoes, but I’ve never smoked. It’s just not my go.

So, I need a little help from those that don’t mind sucking on a ciggie to understand the impact of draft legislation introduced by the Australian Government earlier today.

Health Minister Nicola Roxon, has proposed that cigarette packets be olive green with large graphic images of rotting teeth and diseased eyes on both sides. Packaging will also be brand and logo free. If this proposal is backed by the Coalition, Australia will be the first country to mandate plain cigarette packaging.


One of the proposed plain cigarette packaging designs.

The days of cigarette advertising and packaging being glamorous and aspirational are long gone, yet it’s the one consumer product that continues to kill half of it’s regular users.


What would make you stop smoking?

Is olive green packaging going to do the trick?


Images: Galion Class of 65 & The Australian


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