Saving Face: How to Look After Your Skin in Winter

winter-skincare-tips winter-skincare-tips

Winter can be brutal on your skin. Icy winds, low humidity, cold temps and drying indoor heat combine to suck the life out of your complexion and leave your skin feeling dry.

So, here are my quick tips for protecting your skin and giving it a little extra TLC during the cooler months:


Exfoliate daily. Dry body brush every morning to slough away dry, dull skin, encourage cellular turnover and help your moisturiser penetrate more deeply.


Different season, different routine. While a lightweight facial moisturiser makes the grade in summer, now is the time to reach for a richer, more emollient option which helps create a protective layer on the skin and locks moisture in. It’s also worth complementing your moisturiser with a serum that will penetrate and hydrate cells in the lower layer of the skin.


Shower right. Hot showers strip the natural layer of oil from your skin. So keep the water lukewarm and use a soap that isn’t astringent. When you’ve finished, pat your skin with a towel (don’t dry completely) so the humectants in your moisturiser can draw water on the skin’s surface into the lower layers.


Hydration starts from the inside out. You already know the drill about drinking enough water, but did you know it also pays to think about what you eat? For skin that glows, make sure you’re getting plenty of essential fatty acids, omega-3 (found in avocado and oily fish) and omega-6 (in nuts, wholegrains and flaxseed).

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