The Days of Our Lives: Nicole Marson, Distilled

Nicole Marson Distilled Skincare

Distilled Skincare

In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.

Let me introduce you to Nicole, the beautiful creative force behind Distilled – an organic, hand-blended skincare range.  Distilled is about so much more than slapping on a moisturiser. It’s about finding balance, being still and being present. It’s also a labour of love for Nicole who spends two years conceptualising and developing each formulation in the range.

From photo shoots and orders to pancakes and a little yoga, this is a day in Nicole’s life…


7.30 am

Woken by my gorgeous seven year old daughter Monique, and her adorable morning questions. Time to roll out of bed (38 weeks pregnant with our second child).

David, my husband is up, and preparing breakfast. I have a shower, while Monique dresses for school. Showers are a way for me to collect my thoughts for the day.


8.00 am

Dressed and ready for breakfast.

I like to start the day with a warm glass of water and a squeze of lemon juice. This morning we sit down to banana panacakes (brown rice flour, egg, rice milk, vanilla bean paste) with mayple syrup – one of Monique’s favorites. We eat and chat together.


8.30 am

Lunch box  packed and Monique is off to school. This morning it’s David’s turn to drop her off.

I check emails and ensure that I have everything ready for today’s photo shoot of the Distilled Sensory Range – which consists of beautiful handcrafted Australian porcelain votives and organic beeswax candles. The votives begin to illuminate as the burning flame descends, and take on a translucent, glowing appearance.  They are also considered a naturopathic product due to the beeswax flames that purifies air born toxins and allergies.

Distilled Skincare

I was drawn to the idea of including a sensory range of products that have the ability to further enhance an individual’s well being. In fact, I always saw Distilled as more than a skincare range. So the idea for a sensory range seemed a natural extension of the brand.

It took me two years of research to finalise the products for the sensory range, and there is still more to be added in the future. In fact, generally each product I create has a two year turn around from conception to final product. Balance between time for myself, family and work is important to me while my daughter is young and with baby number two on the way.


9.30 am

On my way to the photographers.


10.30 am

Going through the propsed shots with the photographer. Photoshoot commences. With a degree and previous career in design I really love this aspect of my business. I can utilise my skills by organising and styling the Distilled photoshoots.


12.15 pm

Photo shoot finished.


1.00 pm

Back home to have lunch (toasted sandwich today on oat bread with tomato, home made pesto and goats cheese)


1.15 pm

Eating lunch while meeting with my private midwife for a check up and a chat about the pending home birth. I feel so relaxed and calm about the whole process and would love more women to view home birth as an option.



Check and print out orders for the day. Always an exciting part of the day. Distilled formulations are so ‘alive and active’ with organic ingredients. Apart from the Multi Oil, the other products contain at least 24 botanical actives in the formulation.

Stage 2 products (4 products for the face) will contain just as many actives in the formulations.


3.00 pm

Collect Monqiue from school. Chat to other mothers. Watch Monique have a play with her friends.


4.00 pm

Home for an afternoon snack. Fresh juice for me (carrot, apple, beetroot, celery) and a toasted rye hot cross bun for Monique.


5.00 pm

Dinner preperation time. Home made chicken broth with rice noddles and sesame seeds is on the menu. It’s warm and nurturing – one of our favorate dinners.


6.00 pm

David is home. We all sit down to dinner and chat about our day. It is really important for us to all have dinner together as a family.


 7.15 pm

Off to attend my last yoga class for a while. Yoga is a very important activity to me.It is time that I allow for myself to meditate, breath deeply, stretch and strengthen my body.


9.15 pm

Home from yoga. Give Monqiue a kiss while she is fast asleep. Her beautiful sleeping face is so peaceful.

Have a shower to relax, collect my thoughts, think about Distilled and the release date for the Sensory Range.


10.00 pm

Raspberry Leaf Tea for me tonight (excellent for pregnancy) and into bed to read. Tune into the arrival of our second child. Fall asleep, relaxed and happy. Tomorrow I continue finalising stage 2 formulations for Distilled which will launch at the end of 2013.

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