Love It or Loathe It: Two-Tone Lips

It’s hard to miss all the hoopla leading up to last week’s release of ///Y/, M.I.A.’s third album. First her latest video was banned from You Tube. And then came a scathing New York times profile piece by Lynn Hirschberg emphasing the contrasts between M.I.A.’s political pronouncements and now-comfortable lifestyle. M.I.A.’s response? Well, she just couldn’t let things slide so she posted Hirschberg’s phone number on the net.

I still love her guts though! She’s provocative and audacious, but perhaps M.I.A’s greatest charm is her refreshingly unique visual sense – like the two-tone lips she’s rocking on this cover for Spin.

Last year, everyone was buzzing about this multi-colour lip look after Tom Pecheux for M·A·C Cosmetics created it for an Emanuel Ungaro show.

Images: Glamour

The trick to making two-tone lips look modern (rather than nutty) is to wear colours that aren’t too contrast-y. You should also pair them with a bare-looking face otherwise you’ll enter into Kath & Kim territory!

So, what’s your verdict? It’s hardly the type of look you’d wear to the milk bar but isn’t this what makeup should be all about? Bold. Fun. Utterly frivolous.

Update: When it comes to two-tone lips, the lovers have it with over 70 of you giving this look the thumbs up!

Love It or Loathe It: Two-Tone Lips
Love It
Loathe It
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