How To Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro


I subscribe to the theory that when you’ve got curly hair, there’s not a lot you can do with the cut. It always ends up looking…well curly! So, for a BIG transformation, there’s really only one option – change your your hair colour.

Over the last ten years I’ve done it all. Dark. Light. Red. Purple. Semi. Permanent.  Balayage. But getting colour done at the salon can be exxy. And as a mumma, I know it can be hard finding the time to put mascara on,  let alone stealing a few hours to sit in the chair and get your hair done.

So, inspired by Olia by Garnier I thought I’d share my top tips for how to dye your hair at home like a pro:


Choose a colour that complements your skin tone. Pick a colour that is one to three shades lighter or darker than your natural colour. For a drastic change, see a pro!


150_CWLook for an ammonia free product. Ammonia is harsh chemical that opens up the cuticle of the hair and allows the pigment to penetrate the hair shaft. Apart from having a very strong odour, it can also be irritating and may create a burning sensation on the scalp. Instead, reach for a product like Olia by Garnier which is amonia-free, pernamanet hair colour.  Olia actually goes one step further and contains an exclusive 60% oil blend, with natural flower oils, in the colourant. The unique oil-based formula maximises the colouring process, for pure, vivid, long-lasting colour that visibly improves and restores the look of hair. Winning!


The more product, the better the result. You’ll probably need more than one box to get the coverage you’re after. If you’ve got long or thick hair, grab two or more packs.


Do a strand test. Applying a darker or brighter shade to blonde, bleached, permed or fine hair can result in a look that is more vibrant than expected. While applying colour on top of old colour usually means that the final colour is darker than you probably thought it would turn out.


Be a dirty girl! Dirty hair is ideal for dyeing. The scalp’s natural oils act as a buffer to prevent irritation. It also makes it easer to section which is crucial for all over coverage.


Timing is everything. If your hair is dry and porous at the ends, wait until the last five to 10 minutes of development time before applying colour to the ends.


Wrap it up. After applying colour, pop a plastic shower cap on or wrap you head up in plastic wrap and wait for the colour to develop. You’ll also provide the rest of your house with free entertainment as you get about about in your plastic wrap turban!


Avoid the pool. Chlorine strips away the hair cuticle, allowing minerals in the water to get into the hair shaft and alter your color. So sit pretty poolside for at least two weeks before and after dyeing your hair.


Prolong the results. Use the the tube of deep conditioner that comes with your hair colour – it’s there for a reason! Then skip washing or wetting your hair for at least 48 hours after applying colour. And last, but definitely not least, do a deep-conditioning treatment at least once a week to maintain your colour.

This post is part of the Garnier #innovativebeauty Challenge for Kidspot Voices of 2014

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