Are You Applying Your BB Cream Right?


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The days of taking half an hour to do my hair and makeup are long gone. With two rug rats and my own business, most mornings I’m lucky if I get enough time to do my teeth. Plus, there’s about 572 other things I’d rather do with my time than stare at my mug in the mirror!

To look vaguely put together, my makeup and skincare consists of multitasking products that fit my beauty motto – minimal effort for maximum results. One of faves that I’ve been using for a few years now, is Garnier’s BB Cream. This little beauty works seriously hard by protecting, perfecting and moisturising skin.


What’s the Big Deal BB Creams?

Garnier’s BB Cream is the ultimate beauty shortcut. It cuts down on the number of products you need to apply.  Instead of using a separate moisturiser, primer, sunscreen, foundation, concelar and blemish corrector, I just let this one all-star product take care of business – think of it as the love child of skincare and cosmetics!

Unlike heavy foundations that can looked caked on an hide the true you, Garnier’s BB Cream also gives skin a beautiful, natural glow. It’s lightweight and allows the skin to breath while still being a cinch to build for medium coverage.


How To Apply Your BB Cream Like A Pro


The thing I love most about Garnier’s BB Cream is that you don’t have to fuss around with makeup brushes to get the coverage you’re after. Instead, squeeze a pea-size amount onto your finger tips and press onto the skin. Then, gently blend in a circular patting motion. This allows the product to settle into the skin evenly. For increased coverage, apply a second time.

Are you a BB Cream fan girl?

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