Discovered Uncovered

Here’s what little of what I’ve been doing, loving and discovering lately:

  1. I’ve got a serious drink problem…with Green, Jasmine and Pear Tea from Madame Flavour!
  2. There’s nothing like getting dirty and re-establishing our herb garden.
  3. A Saturday afternoon spent at the movies seeing Take This Waltz was such an indulgence…oh…and eating a choc-top the size of my head!
  4. There’s hand cream, and then there’s Lanolin Lips’ Golden Ointment. This stuff is the only thing that’s getting my mitts through winter. The texture may take a little getting used to – you’ve got to work it into your skin a bit more than ordinary hand cream – but it really penetrates the skin and protects it from the elements. I’m already onto my third tube and we’re not even half way through winter!
  5. I followed a trail of bubbles and discovered Naughts and Crosses and was instantly smitten with their range of beautiful things for little people.


Image: Illustration by Ruby Gatta via Pinterest
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