The Days of Our Lives: Poppy King, Lipstick Queen

In The Days of Our Lives we meet some fascinating and creative folk and take a look at what their typical day holds. Far from being about the mundane, it is a celebration of what it takes to juggle the day-to-day with big ideas, a successful business and a gloriously full home life. It’s about keeping all the balls in the air – what is important and what isn’t. It’s about (extra)ordinary moments that fill our every day.

There’s no doubting it – Poppy King is the Lipstick Queen! Since starting her first brand almost 20 years she’s been devoted to the cause of bringing back lipstick. She has even penned her own book on the subject, Lessons of a Lipstick Queen, and continues to be a lip colour obsessive. In fact, later this month Poppy’s newest offering – Liptropolis, a collectible storybook series of lipstick trios  – drops in store.

This is a day in Poppy’s life and what it takes to make a lipstick empire happen…


7:00 am

Wake up and into the shower…as soon as I wake up I love getting straight into the shower otherwise I will fall back asleep.


7:10 am

Coffee!! I’m not even human until I have my coffee. I put the coffee on before I even get dressed.


7:20 am

Decide what to wear as my wardrobe is like a fun park!


7:30 am

Sit down at computer to address emails that have come in overnight from international markets…usually with press requests (such as this one!)


8:30 am

Have some cereal and almond milk.


9:00 am

Often my first meeting is at a cafe nearby with one of the many people I am collaborating with on a project with…second cup of coffee!


11:00 am

Back to my home office to work on shade and product development for Lipstick Queen. This involves looking at new samples sent from the lab, lining up colours in order from deep to light to see the progression of colour, trying on shades and then a phone conference with the lab to go over the adjustments that need to be made.



12:30 pm

Often have a lunch meeting usually with an editor or press person to talk about my latest product launch which is Liptropolis. Balthazar is my favourite lunch spot for a Salad Nicoise.


2:00 pm

Back to home office to answer emails that have come in during the day and go through my files of emails that need to be addressed.


4:00 pm

Meeting with retailers to go over new product launches coming up. A cup of tea if I am being good or a another coffee if I’m not!


5:30 pm

Meeting with graphic artist to work on packaging development for new Lipstick Queen products.


6:30 pm

Bikram yoga class on the Lower East side.


8:30 pm

Dinner out with friends.


11:30 pm


Liptropolis is available from 30 July 2012 // AU $69.95  // Available instore at Kit Cosmetics, online and from Kit Cosmetics counters in Myer. Call 1800 705 800 for stockists // You can  keep up-to-date with Lipstick Queen on Facebook.
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