Booby Prize

A Gold Coast bar is holding a door prize where the winner takes home $10,000 that they suggest using on a boob job.


As you would expect body image experts and women’s groups are fuming, with one of the most vocal protests coming from Women’s Network Founder, Lynette Palmen, who said, “It’s stooping to a new low as a marketing ploy in an image-driven society where cleavage dictates status.”


While there is no doubt this competition is sexist – can you imagine the same bar holding a promotion for $10,000 towards pec implants? – maybe it is simply holding a mirror up to society.


In fact, several days ago a global conference of cosmetic surgeons in Hobart revealed that Australians are now spending about $1 billion a year on cosmetic surgery and treatments. Breast augmentation and liposuction remain the most popular procedures, but non-surgical techniques that can be performed during your lunch break (like Botox and fillers) are on the rise and rise.


And I don’t need stats to tell me this is so. My friends are no more vain or cashed up than the next girl, but talk regularly drifts to who’s had what and who’d like what done. It seems that recently this conversation is on high rotation and I’m more frequently spotting the telltale sheen that comes from a friend’s freshly Botoxed face.


The fact is, plastic surgery is no longer the exclusive domain of celebrities or ladies who lunch. It has seeped into the mainstream.

So, is this competition a storm in a d-cup and just reflecting the laws of supply and demand?

Or does it make you see red?


Image: Swag Over Lord
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