Bat For (Paper) Lashes

Images: Paperself

Papercut Lashes

On Saturday we went to a party where I spent half the night trying to work out why a friend looked more beautiful than usual. For a while I thought it was her new super sleek hairdo. Then I thought it was her floaty dress which reminded me of a piece of fairy floss. But as we were about to leave, I realised it was the tiniest thing of all…her false lashes.

I’ve always written off falsies as more trouble than their worth. But after the other night, I am a believer. And after spotting these lashes by Paperself I’m obsessed.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese craft of paper-cutting, these lashes are as intricate as they are delicately pretty. Available in three styles – horses, peonies and peach blossoms which symbolise success, happiness and love respectively.

The only thing I now have to get down pat is the art of application, as there would be nothing worse than wayward peach blossom lashes flapping in the wind!

Large sets £12; Small sets £10; available online from Luna & Curious.
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