5 Makeup Mistakes That Add 5 Years


This post first appeared on Kidspot as part of my nomination as one of their Voices of 2014 Top 5 Beauty + Lifestyle bloggers.


Many moons ago I was the Product Development Manager at Bloom Cosmetics. While playing with makeup all day hardly felt like work, I did pick up a ton of essential makeup tips from some of the best in the biz.

Now that I run my own business and am a mama of two wild ones, I often find myself diving into my makeup kit and busting out a few tricks that will fake a few extra hours sleep and help me look a little more fresh faced.

Since the best insider tips are the ones worth sharing, I thought I’d give you the lowdown on simple ways to turn back the clock by opening up your makeup bag and swapping some of your trusty old products and habits for something new.


Makeup Mistake #1 Heavy Handed Application of Foundation

While a less is more approach may seem counterintuitive, foundation that’s applied with a trowel will settle into fine lines and sap the luminosity from your moosh.

For youthful looking skin, skip foundations that are described as matte or velvet and look for a sheer liquid formulation or tinted moisturiser. My fave for this is Laura Mercier’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturiser. And when it comes to applying your foundation, you don’t have to cover your entire face. Just pop it on where you need some help to even out discolouration.



Makeup Mistake #2 Using Face Powder

I know it’s tough coming between a girl and her face powder, but now’s the time to toss it out as it’s is only going to exaggerate wrinkles and fine lines. If you’re anything like me and your skin tends to become shiny without powder, use a mattifying primer – like Revlon’s PhotoReady Perfecting Primer – on the ‘T-zone’ area under your foundation instead.



Makeup Mistake #3 Blush On The Apples of The Cheeks

A swirl of blush on the apples of your cheeks is only going drag your face down. Eek! For an instant face-lift, try something different and wear blush on the highest point of your cheekbone, sweeping it upward with a brush that’s large enough to cover the whole cheekbone. And for the perfect flush of colour that looks great on everyone, check out Nars Blush in Mata Hari.


Makeup Mistake #4 Deep, Dark Lip Colours

Unless you’re Lisa Rinna, lips lose plumpness over time! So, steer clear of deep shades like burgundy, wine or brown as dark colours absorb light and make your pout look smaller than it is. Instead, opt for lighter shades that reflect light and give lips a fuller appearance. It also worth considering switching from a lipstick to a sheer gloss.


Makeup Mistake #5 Mascara on Your Lower Lashes

Putting mascara on your lower lashes accentuates crows-feet, dark circles and bags…and no I’m not talking about the designer variety!

For a wide-eyed and youthful look, coat your top lashes in the blackest black mascara you can get your mitts on. This will make the whites of your eyes look clearer and whiter. Oh, and don’t forget to spend 10 seconds curling your lashes as it’s the simplest way to make your peepers look beautifully doe-eyed…and awake!


Illustrations by my super talented friend, Evie Barrow, who I coincidentally met when we shared an office together at Bloom!


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