Do You Know The Difference Between Reacting and Responding?

Recently, I was mid-session with my therapist when she stopped me and asked,”Do you know the difference between reacting and responding?”
“I thought they were the same thing,” I replied.
Turns out responding and reacting are very different – and this revelation has been a massive perspective change to how I relate and communicate.

Another Lap Around The Sun

Today it is my birthday. So, this morning while everyone was still sleeping, I looked back and scribbled down the things I did, learnt and was challenged by on my latest lap around the sun

Five Alive Friday

Happy Friday! Here are five things that have I’ve loved doing this week and thought I’d share with you….

What Is The Best Time of Day to Exercise?

Since I’m a creature of habit, I’ve always worked out first thing in the morning. But recently I started wondering – what is the best time of day to exercise? After reading a lot of scientific research, I put together this simple guide to help you find the time of day that will get you optimal results from your sweat sesh.