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Ice Cream

Almost there! Here’s five links to make you look busy until the weekend arrives…

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Someone is leaving televisions on the streets of my ‘hood with special messages on them. So, I wanted to share them with you!

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Tuesday 7:02 pm: High Street, Prahran.
I spy, with my little eye…

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Images: Paul Price

There’s nothing like an unexpected compliment to put a pep in your step! And someone who is handing out their fair share of the good stuff is Paul Price. Hailing from Leeds, Price’s Signs of Affection is a self-initiated public intervention – so if you’re lucky to be in the ‘hood keep an eye out for his random act of sweet sentiments!

Images: We Like That

Witty. Brilliant. Cheeky.
Street artist, Mobstr, has made my day!

Images: The Crane Project

A little bird told me about the Crane Project - so I had to share it with you.

Sandy is making 1,000 paper cranes, each with a different positive word on them and placing them in places for people to discover.

I guess you could say…a bird in the hand is worth a 1,000 random acts of kindness!

Rome – The lamp poles on Ponte Milvio can’t take much more love!

China – Almost every metal chain-link or pole in Mount Huang has been adorned with padlocks.

Russia – ‘Trees of Love’ with padlocks placed by newlyweds are seen across Luzhkov bridge in downtown Moscow.

Hungary – From the 1980’s, lovers in the centre of the southern Hungarian city of Pécs have proclaiming their love with locks.

Sweethearts around the world are fixing padlocks to fences and public monuments as a sign of their eternal love.

This tradition is said to have originated during the 1960s when Italian soldiers began sticking their wardrobe padlocks to Florence’s Ponte Vecchio bridge.

Ah. There’s nothing like a public proclamation of wild, crazy love to warm your heart!

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Images: Dirty Water Project

Tap Project


So are more than 900 million people around the world with no access to clean drinking water. Plus, a heart-breaking 4,200 children die of water-related diseases everyday.

Last week, Unicef rattled the cage with their Dirty Water Vending Machine which they dropped in downtown Manhattan. For a dollar a pop you you could get a bottle of water in one of eight flavours of disease.

Makes you think, right?

To donate visit here.

Images: Pete Dungey

The Pothole Project

Artist Pete Dungey was sick of getting a bumpy ride on Britain’s pothole-ridden roads. So he decided to do something about it. Rather than taking the bitter-and-twisted approach of putting together a petition and writing letters he set about creating beautiful gardens in the holes.

Sometimes the softly sweetly approach gets noticed more, don’t you think?

Images: TrustoCorp

TrustoCorp Rebranding NYC

I love an upstart prankster. Someone who is up for a bit of mischief and has a cheeky twinkle in their eye.

That’s why I can’t help but take my hat of to the rebranding division of TrustoCorp Intl – a mysterious artist (or maybe artists?) dedicated to highlighting the hypocrisy and hilarity of human behavior through sarcasm and satire.

Last week, they went all out and dropped hundreds of subversively branded products on the shelves of New York’s delis and supermarkets.

Not only was this their ambush sheer brilliance, it’s also a timely reminder that sometimes it’s easy to look but not see…

* and that’s a good thing!