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The weekend forecast is looking pretty miserable, so why not stay indoors and make a Photo a Day Journal?

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Even though I left school many moons ago, this time of year always makes me think of new stationary. It’s as though a fresh start can only happen when I have a new notebook and pens! So, I recently went into Typo to hunt down my fave stationary finds for the year ahead.

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MoTex Label Maker

Consider this fair warning: If you stand still next to me, you will be labelled with my new MoTex.

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I also like you when I'm not drunk

How romantic!

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Some days are diamonds…and some days a Little Book of Satire is all you need.

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Put a cork in it…er…on it and you’ll have a beautifully tactile journal by Michael Roger.

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MINI PLANNERS from Moleskine ® on Vimeo.

Things have been a little crazy around these parts. The usual December madness of catch-ups, cocktails and cheer is in overdrive and things have never been busier (or more exciting) on the work front.

So, I thought the perfect tonic would be one part part frivolous and two parts brilliance. Created by Dutch visual artist, Rogier Wieland, this stop-motion for Moleskine Mini Planners might just be more sensational than the product itself….if that’s at all possible when it comes to anything Moleskine related!

Images: Primele

Calligraphy Stamp

I’ve always had serious handwriting envy of my mum. Every word I write looks like a collection of long, skinny spider legs. Whereas her letters are always jolly, perfectly rounded and satisfying.

I’ve finally found a way to fake it ’till I make it though! Check out these customised calligraphy stamps from Primele.

Sorry mum, but you’ve just been pumped from your pedestal!

From US$ 35; available online from Primele’s Etsy store.

Ask Alice Stationery

I have obsessive list disorder. Every Sunday I write a list of all my big ideas and plans for the week ahead. Then, each night I break it down and write a list for the following day. I still can’t work out whether it’s the act of writing the list or crossing it off that has me hooked.

I’m also very particular about where my lists are housed. Usually it’s a Moleskine. But when I went to buy a new one this morning, I ended up walking out with this Ask Alice book instead. Designed and printed in Melbourne, it’s made from 100 recycled paper and printed with non-toxic, vegetable-based inks. Plus, there are a few sneaky dividers made from vintage comic books and a secret pocket in the back.

I’m so enamoured with my new notebook that I couldn’t wait for my usual evening list-writing fix. So, I did what any self-respecting list addict would do – I made a list of my lists!

AU $26; available online from Ask Alice.

Images: Mocoloco

Moleskine’s Passion Collection

My love of Moleskine is only (just) second to my love of wine. Which is why Moleskine’s new Passions Collection is a match made in heaven!

Each of these journals features a layout oriented toward recording and recalling thoughts, memories and notes about six of life’s great passions – food, wine, wellness, film, books and movies.

Hmmm…the obvious choice for their next volume is a journal devoted to life’s seventh passion: Moleskine!

Ps: If you’d rather try before you buy, you can download and test the page layouts for each of the Passions journals over here.

US $13.57; available online from Amazon.