From online inspiration sources and exercising to relax his thought process, to sharing the design process with friends and creating his naname jewellery collection, this is a day in the life of Nick Rennie from happy finish design.

Black and White Monochrome Fashion Trend

After summer’s overload of brights, I’m having a black and white moment.

Premonition Shirt Dress

A shirt dress takes the cake in the stupidly-easy-to-wear stakes. Throw it on, button it up and you’re ready to go…anywhere.

Josie at BlossyBloom

We often say, ‘I don’t know how she does it’, but in Josie Chapman’s case truer words have never been spoken! From starting her day at 4am (yes…4am!) to supporting her daughter’s dream to swim professionally, plus managing the design, manufacture and marketing of the BlossyBloom bra range, this is a day in her jam-packed life.

Gold Earrings naname on Checks and Spots

Small enough for everyday, big enough to make a statement – My new earrings from Australian designer, Nick Rennie, can do no wrong.


All is not what it seems with this pretty structured tee.

leia Jewellery Emily Goddard

If opals remind you of trashy Gold Coast souvenirs, then you haven’t heard about Amaleia Jewellery.


From being a super sleuth bargain shopper to running I Heart Bargains, to baking a mean banana cake and running around (in fashionably cheap flats) after her son, this is a day in Chelsea Thomas’ life.


Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing, discovering and loving lately…

scarf pic

This video shows you how to twist, tuck and tie a fashion turban…