Trend: 1950's Colour

Get the low-down on what’s big in interior colour at the moment.


Judge a book by its cover and bathe in the beauty of Jillian Tamaki’s hand-stitched covers for Penguin Deluxe Classics

Africa According to the US

Witty, amusing and not at all politically correct, Mapping Stereotypes makes the perfect statement.


As we head towards another of Melbourne’s bitter winters, it’s hard not to think about a holiday in the sun. At the top of my daydream list is the ultra-luxe, Hotel Sezz, in St Tropez.


So, our reno is creeping along at half the pace of a snail. While it’s frustrating that we seem to have more problems than solutions, at least it means we can spend more time looking for fixtures and finishes.

It is awfully sodden in my neck of the woods – in fact, one of these wouldn’t go astray. I just need the matching Hills Hoist!


Image: Trend Hunter

Resting on wild flowers and ferns leads to a field of dreams – just ask Danish designer Dorte Agergaad and her latest textile collection, PURE.


About bloody time! Here’s some modern kid’s furniture that isn’t covered in a lairy Disney print.


Holy cow! This renovation of an existing loft apartment and sprinkler tank house in downtown New York, gets full marks for ingenuity.

More than just a furniture concept store, Tale uncovers the unique story behind each of its vintage and antique pieces.

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