Happy Friday lovers! Here’s five links to distract, entertain and amuse you….

Southwood_RG Life Collection salt & oil no background

Let me introduce you the sweetest oil and salt dishes going around. They’re by Melbourne potter, Robert Gordon and start from just $12 a pop!


Most store-bought muffins have eight teaspoons of sugar, making them not much better than a piece of cake. So, I decided to create my own Wholemeal Banana and Blueberry Muffin recipe that has absolutely no added sugar – or dairy.


Jennifer Lawrence’s spunky pixie crop is no more! Check out her stunning new hairstyle here…


Happy Five Alive Good Friday – Here’s a few links to check out in between overdosing on hot cross buns and Easter eggs!


You can keep the nightlight on, because I’m putting my Masini & Chern pjs on full display!


Here’s a little of what I’ve been doing, loving and discovering lately…


This month, Anneka from BakeClub shares her Hot Cross Muffin recipe. This is the perfect Easter treat for bakers like me who can’t be stuffed mucking around with dough and just want to get to the good part – eating tasty little morsels as fast as possible!


Let me introduce you to Natalie Leung, the blogger behind Lucy and the Runaways. We’ve never met before, but in a scenario that’s like Wife Swap for workouts, Fitness First challenged me to take on her exercise routine for a week!


Coachella always has some of the best celebrity spotting. So with the first weekend done and dusted for 2014, I thought I’d round up all of the celebrity looks everyone is talking about…