It hasn’t even been a week since I declared I’d be cutting back on the number of days I publish and no longer sharing a new post on Wednesday. But, I’ve got something that’s just too good to hold out on you. So, think of me as John Farnham and the launch of the real living for Freedom homewares collection as my ‘one night only’ comeback tour!


This is a day in the life of Nick Peters, the creative force behind Canvas & Canvas, an online gallery of hand painted, affordable art.


This month, Anneka from BakeClub shares her Hot Cross Muffin recipe. This is the perfect Easter treat for bakers like me who can’t be stuffed mucking around with dough and just want to get to the good part – eating tasty little morsels as fast as possible!


As much as I want to hold onto summer, it’s time to retire the sandals. For wheels with a good dose of personality during the cooler months, I think it’s hard to beat Radical YES! Get the scoop on all their new season looks here.


Ever since I visited a Department Store as a teenager to get my first introduction to the big wide world of skincare, I thought my skin type was ‘sensitive’. But after spending some time with Sue Dann, skincare expert and National Training Manager at Omniderm, I learnt it is actually ‘confused’ – and it seems the majority of women would get the same diagnosis.


Here’s some Five Alive Friday action to get you through the afternoon. Plus, a little note from me to you about how I’m about to change things up at Checks and Spots. After six years of blogging, I think it’s time to do a few things differently…


Discover the one daily habit that was instrumental to Steve Jobs’ success and how it can make a big difference to your career.


Sure, Easter seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. And yes, hot cross buns have been in store since Boxing Day. But how about doing something a little bit different this year? In my latest gift guide, I’ve rounded up 10 cute and clever Easter gift ideas…and there’s not a chocolate egg in sight!


Happy Five Alive Friday friends! Here’s five links to see you through to the good times of the weekend…


You’ve found the perfect piece of artwork for that bare wall, but before you start bashing in a hook and hoping you’ve got it straight, let’s catch up with The Artwork Stylist for their super handy tips on how to hang artwork like a pro.